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About fishing in Åland

When and where to fish?


The fishing season in the Åland Islands is only interrupted by insignificant off-season periods. This is usually December and the last half of March. The rest of the time, you can fish with some productivity.

But not all the waters of the Aland archipelago are equally good for all seasons. In some places the fish is caught only in a fairly limited period of time, where it is longer.


April is a great time for catching sea trout


We catch big perches on a wobbler

What kind of fish do we catch?

The main object of hunting in Aland is pike, as well as perch. Sudak is also common in local waters, but its size leaves much to be desired, although the capture of real monsters happens every year.

We are pleased, in detail, will help you choose the right bait for fishing in our waters. In general, they repeat, almost everything that our Russian fishermen, like jerks, rubber, wobblers and oscillating lures, are accustomed to use, work equally well on the Alands. But, of course, there are some nuances.

We have made sets of the best baits and will gladly offer them to your attention. Contact us and we will be happy to share with you our knowledge about fishing in such a special place as the Aland Islands!

Finno lucky

It is located at the crossroads, so to speak, fishing paths. The coastline of our camp is located in Kalvfjard, and these waters can be called an inland pond and this is very important, it is here that the main spawning grounds of the northwest of the Alands are located, and in combination with various depths, ranging from 0 to 20 m, makes this fjord unique.

The season opens in Finno immediately after the ice has melted, as a rule it occurs in early April and lasts until freezing. The relative closeness of the fjord provides transparency of water in the summer months and at the same time provides reliable ice formation in winter.

Рельеф Аландский островов
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