About  me

My name is Leonid Kuznetsov.


I am passionate about fishing and therefore I choose to be a fishing guide. I really like nature and I love to talk  with different people. To follow my dream, I opened a business that combines all of my favorite activities.

At our resort we have two beautiful villas. 

During the year we receive about 250 tourists from all over the world.


I am always excited to meet new guests and greet old friends  again! I am considerate of my guests and want to ensure that they have an enjoyable and comfortable stay. I'm happy to see my guests coming back again and again because that means that they had a good time.

At Finno Fishing, you are always welcome! 

Address:    Furuviksvagen 24, Geta, 22340, Aland, Finland
Phone:        In Europe                   +358 45 734 215 42
                   In US and Canada      +1 (905) 660-9316